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Years before now when I was much younger, I was literally forced to take water, fruits, and vegetables, that was, of course, because I had no idea of how beneficial they are. What I believed was a full plate of food with lots of meat and plenty of mede mede is HEALTHY EATING, I didn’t care if the meal was balanced or not. I would eat until I felt like my tummy was going to burst and would hardly even drink any water. Little did I know I was simply accumulating toxins in my body, toxins that ended up surfacing as one malaria, typhoid or one other ailment or the other.

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Well, I would say here that I was not entirely to blame as it was mostly due to the environment I found myself in at that time of my life. At that stage in my life, I was in high school and in a boarding house for that matter (A model boarding school where the living conditions were very harsh and took a huge toll on me). Even though my mum did her best in her own ways to get me to take plenty of water, fruits, vegetables as well as some health supplements especially during the holidays, I hardly heeded to her advice anytime I went back to school as the environmental factors that surrounded me at that time were not in any way favorable to me. She used to buy me folic acid, B-complex as supplements to take to school but I hardly ever took them, to make matters worse, the school I attended NEVER EVER even provided us with any kind of fresh fruits and vegetables alongside our meals neither did we have the access to leave the school premises to buy them on our own, even water was a big deal.

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I remember my mum once had fruit fasting that lasted for about 2 weeks straight during one of my holidays at home, I was still in high school and was not yet exposed enough to even my immediate environment to realize the fact that such number of fruits and vegetables existed at that time in my life. The fruit fasting my mum did according to her testimony then made a lot of difference in her health which I really admired and tried to partake in the little ways from whatever fruits and vegetables she was having.

I also remember that back in high school, there were times I had no bowel movements at all for days and even up to a week. The fact that access to water was a big deal also contributed a lot to that, I literally struggled to get water most of the time, even when I managed to get water for myself as a junior student, I was either bullied to give it to a senior student or someone else came to steal it. One of the effects of that was that I had a REALLY HARD stool, I guess it is the grace of God that made it possible that I did not suffer from PILE.

On one occasion I managed to have a bowel movement, I noticed my stool was as hard as ever. I forced myself to pass feces which was very painful and when the feces finally came out, I noticed there was blood on it. At that time, I was a teenager but was yet to start my menstrual cycle so the sight of the blood in my feces made me really excited as I thought that the long-awaited menstrual cycle had finally begun. I eventually put tissues in my underwear hoping to continue with the cycle but that never happened, that was when I realized that the blood in my feces was not my menstrual blood but blood from my torn anus. This repeated itself for about 3 to 4 more times during my stay in the school.

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I am glad I know better now, my personal habit of taking water, fruits, and vegetables improved when I got to the university (which was immediately after my high school), this time, I had better control of my diet. I would make sure I had no other meal except a very light meal after 8 pm every day and would also buy any kind of fruits or vegetables I could lay my hands on and could afford. Even though it wasn’t a lot, I know it made a lot of difference in my health.

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I finally got to find out the full benefits of taking fruits and vegetables when I got depressed at some point in my life. Please read up the post on How To Deal With Depression. I also shared another post on 15 Awesome Eating Habits To Make You Live Longer. Taking Fruits and vegetables as well as taking a lot of water consistently has absolutely changed my life and improved my health. Now, when I talk about taking fruits and vegetables, I mean taking them raw as long as they have been properly cleaned. This is because vegetables that have been cooked have already lost their nutrients and you eating them means you are only consuming chaff.

So, if you are still in doubt as to whether or not fruits and vegetables as well as taking plenty of water is good for your health, please stop doubting and get on the moving train already! If you are already convinced but yet to start your healthy living journey, I urge you to start immediately. Let me state here that The World Health Organization recommends the intake of a minimum of 5 fruits and 5 vegetables a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also consuming a minimum of 2 liters of water every day.

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I have another article where I shared with you the many benefits of taking fruits and vegetables, see link here. I will be sharing more posts on how to consume them on a daily basis as well. You may want to subscribe so you can get notified when I post. Meanwhile, feel free to drop your comments below, like and share with your friends. Till next time, bye.

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