How to Bake a Basic Butter Cake

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to teach you how to make a basic butter cake. First, I would like you to understand that learning how to make a cake is part art and part science. The first step to cake making is choosing what kind of cake you want to […]

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How to make Butter cream Icing

Butter cream icing or Butter cream frosting is a simple and straightforward, egg less and cheap frosting for decorating cakes for weddings, birthday celebrations, Christmas and all other get celebrations. As as far as i am concerned, cakes decorated with butter frosting is much softer and tastier and it is even much more pliable to […]

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Very Handy Tips for Cake Baking

Since baking is a combination of Art and Science, it is important to understand the importance of measuring every single ingredient while baking. Even a slight variation in quantity and quality of ingredients used can adversely affect our desired results. so, today i am sharing with you useful secrets to making your perfect cake. 1.   Endeavor […]

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