Hello and thanks for stopping by. Today I will show you one easy and way to decorate a fondant cake. If you are not aware, I bake on a part-time basis for now and I usually prefer my orders placed a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the time it is needed. So, contrary to my expectation, I got this call from a customer in the early hours of the same day he needed the cake. I mean he ordered the cake the same day he needed the cake!

Okay, now calm down. I, fortunately, did not have any serious commitments for the early hours of that same day, so I delivered. I made the butter cake as requested which tasted great and decorated in the simplest way possible yet it looked really nice. Do not mind the image you see, I used a phone whose camera was not so good.

Here is the breakdown of what I had to do concerning the cake decoration. You can check out my blog post on how to make a basic butter cake and how to make a rolled fondant.

I started by first preparing my fondant which I wrapped in a plastic bag so that it does not dry out by the time I was ready to cover the cake. Next, I prepared my butter icing or buttercream, so I just shared the buttercream into different small bowls, added food colorings to match with the artificial flowers I purchased to use on the cake, leaving some that I would use to cover the cake before I covered with the fondant.

After covering the cake with buttercream (covering your cake first with buttercream helps your fondant stick to the cake easily), I then rolled out my fondant and placed it on the cake, trimming off the excess fondant from the sides of the cake.

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Next, I inserted some of the ready-made cake flowers I previously purchased for such emergencies. See, the cake is already taking shape!

Then, using my small round piping nozzle, I pipped ‘Happy Birthday’ with a plain buttercream on the cake and using my leaf nossle, I pipped leaves using the green buttercream I mixed previously around the flowers I inserted, then I changed the nozzle again to a small star and pipped little stars around the cake, still with the green buttercream.

Next, I changed my piping bag to the one containing pink buttercream, plain buttercream and of course lilac buttercream which I piped randomly around the cake. Then using a round nozzle, I piped a layer of lilac buttercream on the plain buttercream with ‘Happy Birthday’.


Voila! My cake was ready to be packaged for delivery.

Please feel free to leave your comments below so I can have your opinion on the cake. Meanwhile, please like, share and subscribe to my blog to be the first to receive notifications whenever I post. Until next time, bye!

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