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Today, I am going to share with you how I pulled off this beautiful Hello Kitty cake design!. So, it was my daughter’s birthday and I was under pressure to make a cartoon character cake based on her request. I went straight to Google and searched for cartoon character cake designs. I saw many different images with many different colors and because I didn’t want a complicated design, I went for the Hello Kitty picture! Below is the image I ended up printing as a guide to my cake decoration. The list of items you would need include;

  1. A cartoon character printout
  2. Cake board
  3. Royal icing
  4. Brown or black food color
  5. Yellow food color
  6. Red food color
  7. Mixing bowls
  8. Spoon or spatula
  9. Pipping bags or pipping sets with nozzles

After printing the image and of course baking the cake, I kept the print out very close, making it easier for me to see the designs and replicate it. The next thing I did was to place the cake on the cake board (upside down), that is after I put some royal icing on the board to hold the cake. Then I used a toothpick to carve out the shape I needed to trace with my royal icing. In another post, I will share with you my new and improved royal icing recipe.

After carving the lines out, I added brown color to the royal icing (this was because I did not have black food color at the time. Please feel free to substitute colors, as long as they work just fine). I added enough browning to make the icing as dark as possible. Then I filled my piping bag and piped the icing on the cake, following the lines I already traced using a toothpick and also looking at the printed paper I had close by.

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In a separate bowl, I added a little red food color to give me a pink color for the bow and then I pipped the pink icing into the space provided and left a tiny hole in the middle for the yellow icing to enable it to align properly. Using the brown icing again, I pipped in both eyes.

Once I was done with that, I started pipping the remaining parts of the cake with my white royal icing. I was sure to make sure I piped as closely as possible to avoid any spaces in between.

Okay, I finished pipping but I noticed that some parts of the icing sugar was beginning to fall, which meant that that part of the icing was not thick enough.

What I did was to add some more icing sugar to my royal icing mixture to get a thicker consistency. Then I started pipping on top on the areas that had fallen before.

Please note that in cake decoration, you are sure to make mistakes from time to time but your ability to get it done well or correct your mistakes, regardless of what the mistake is, is what makes you a good cake decorator.

Okay, so I added a bit of yellow into my royal icing again to give me a yellow mixture. Then, I pipped the mouth in a round shape using the brown icing sugar again. I then used the yellow color to fill in the mouth as well as the space I had left in between the space where I pipped the bow.

Finally, I used my brown icing sugar to make the whiskers for my Hello Kitty cake!

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My daughter was very excited about the cake and she did not hesitate to tell her friends that her cake was made by her mum. I hope you enjoyed reading my post just like I enjoy sharing. Please feel free to try the design out, share, like and comment as your inputs are always welcome.

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