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Budgeting is one big factor to be considered in our everyday lives if you do not want to find ourselves running helter-skelter for cash to take us for the rest of the month (If you earn a monthly salary). But then creating the budget is not the issue here as it is possible for you to pick up a pen, paper, and calculator and write down some figures. The major challenge lies in actually bringing the items written in the paper to reality.

Here are Tips to stick to your Budget

1.   Apply self-control:  The first step to sticking to your budget is first understanding the negative consequences of not sticking to your budget. Then you make up your mind to change your habits as it relates to money spending. Once this is achieved, then you are ready to start the budgeting journey.

2.   Make a list for Shopping: Using the budget that you created at the beginning of the week or month, make a list of the items you intend to buy and ensure that the amount is a little below the amount budgeted, it matches the amount or it is a little above the amount. This is to accommodate expenses that you skipped or did not think about.

3.   Eat before going shopping: This is important because it helps your mind focus better and you concentrate on the list you came with. When you decide to go shopping on an empty stomach, there is every tendency that you would overshoot your budget on food or junks just to eliminate the urge to eat.

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4.   Review your budget from time to time: It is necessary for you to review your budget to take into considerations items that you realize you no longer need to budget for and items that need to be added. The budget review helps you stay in check and maintain flexibility so you do not feel all choked up.

5.   Cut your Subscription expenses: Exercise in the great outdoors, or use your own body weight – forget expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. Subscribe for cheaper but quality cable TV.

6.   Avoid Waste: Use every last scrap of every last thing you purchase. Don’t waste anything. Don’t leave taps running, don’t throw out the quarter of a plate of dinner you didn’t eat.

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