I believe by now you have probably heard the saying that meal is bad for your heart. You may ask, what about chicken, oh yes, chicken can be bad for you too. You can check out my other articles on Eat More Fish And Plants To Live Longer and 20 Common Sources of Proteins In Nigeria.

The World Health Organization made headlines a few years ago when it declared processed meat a “carcinogen” that increases your risk of colon or rectum cancer by up to 18 percent. In any case, it is not just processed meat that poses a health risk for you, science has known for a while now that eating all kinds of animals, including “white meat,” is bad for you.

Personally, I do not eat a lot of meat because I have always known it is not very good for my health, but since I usually only eat “a little” meat, and usually organic at that, I then thought of myself as ‘exempted’. Well, not so much because while cutting back on your meat consumption in any form is a great step to take, the fact remains that eating any meat — hormone-free or not — poses several serious long-term risks to your health. It’s worth knowing exactly what the health risks of eating meat are so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about how much of a risk you feel it’s necessary to take by continuing to consume animals.


Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Not Be Eating Meat;

  1. Meat Isn’t As Rich In Nutrients As Plants
  2. Meat Is Acidic
  3. It Significantly Increases Your Risk Of Cancer
  4. Eating Meat Can Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes
  5. Eating Meat Makes It Harder To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight
  6. Meat Carries The Highest Risk Of Foodborne Illnesses
  7. It Might Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction In Men
  8. Most Meats Have Hormones In Them
  9. Eating Meat May Make You Being Resistant To Antibiotics
  10. Meat Increases Your Risk Of Death
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You should eat less meat and really be saving the high protein diet for when you are much older. In a study of about 6,000 people of 50 years and older, a high protein diet was a health risk for those aged between 50 to 64 years but it was beneficial for those who are 65years and above.

Middle-aged people who have at least 20% of their calories from protein, especially animal protein such as meat had a higher risk both of death overall and of death from cancer over 18 years. On the other hand, older people who got 20% or more of their calories from protein, including animal protein were less likely to die than their low-protein-diet peers.

Older people are therefore advised to consume high-quality protein up to 5 times a week in order to increase their activities. Healthy (Chemical and hormone free) beef, for instance, is excellent at stimulating muscle synthesis up to the age of 90 and eating it would help slow down the rate of muscle loss.

Have you been eating a lot of meat or you know someone who does? Do you need help cutting down your meat concumption or substituting them with plant protein? You can always reach out to me and I would be glad to read from you. Meanwhile, do drop your comments below, share this article with your friends and subscribe to get more articles. Cheers!

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