Hello and welcome once again to my blog, in this video, I hope to show you how to make easy tomato paste which you can use for your stew, sauces as well as for porridge and of course jollof rice. Below is the list of items I used;

See the video here;

  1. Fresh Tomatoes
  2. Onions
  3. Tatashe/ Sombo or red bell pepper
  4. Fresh ginger
  5. Vegetable oil – optional

The first thing you do is wash and blend your tomatoes, tatashe or red bell pepper, depending on what you want to use. If you are using dry tatashe or pepper, you want to soak it in cold water for a couple of hours or in hot water for about 20 minutes then, of course, you wash properly before blending with onions, pepper, and ginger. Check out also my Awesome Chicken Breast Recipe.

Once you are done with blending, you want to pour the contents in a pot and place it on your stove. If your pot is not big enough, you may add a little vegetable oil to the tomatoes just to prevent it from splashing all over the place while it is boiling. Be careful however of it getting burnt and be sure to check on it from time to time.

Once the water is dried, you may allow it to cool and then you store in whatever container you choose and freeze or simply refrigerate, depending on your choice. You can check out the video on How To Make Easy Tomato Paste or simply watch it below.

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