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Since baking is a combination of Art and Science, it is important to understand the importance of measuring every single ingredient while baking. Even a slight variation in quantity and quality of ingredients used can adversely affect our desired results. so, today I am sharing with you useful secrets to making your perfect cake.

1.   Endeavor to use only fresh ingredients, stale ingredients may not work well with your baking.

2.   It is highly important to know your oven. If any error, always calibrates it correctly. You are expected to always preheat your oven before baking

3.   Flour used for cake should contain less protein, it is better not to use self-rising flour to enable you to know the right quantity of leavening agents to use.

4.   Baking pan has to be of proper size. Should not be too big or too small. Check your recipe to know the size of baking pan that suits your recipe.

5.   Always use quality and reliable equipment for baking to make your baking experience worthwhile

6.   Eggs and Baking butter should be used at room temperature always. Do not try to melt it artificially by heating it and do not use eggs right from the refrigerator.

7.   Always fold in the dry ingredients and liquid ingredients separately before mixing them together.

8.   After preparing the cake batter, never leave it out for too long. It is advisable to put the cake batter inside the preheated microwave or oven within five minutes of preparing it.

9.   Last but not least, it is highly recommended to understand the chemistry behind using every single ingredient.

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Here are other tips;

  1. Flour thickens the batter
  2. Leavening agents like baking soda or baking powder causes the cake to rise
  3. Butter (Fats) and milk provide necessary moisture to the cake
  4. Sugar caramelizes, absorbs liquid and helps the cake to turn brown.
  5. Eggs used helps the cake batter to set in the oven and give an even texture to the cake
  6. You may choose from the variety of flavors to add a great flavor to your baking

After understanding this logic behind baking you can mix and match the ingredients and experiment with your recipe in your own style.

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Hope all these tips come handy and would help you become an expert cake baker or even with baking other pastries and sweets. Feel free to share and do not forget to subscribe for more tips and tricks for baking and more!

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