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Bed wetting is undoubtedly a very familiar issue in every home with growing children. Bed wetting can be very frustrating and can make a woman look lazy, incapable of taking care of her children and of course dirty. You walk into the children’s room and the oozing smell of urine feels like gush!. Sometimes you feel you have done everything right, only to wake up and realize your child has just bed wet, you are then forced to do laundry every day or leave your house stinking with urine. You may visit this page to learn more about the causes of bed wetting. Today, I will be sharing with you tips on how you can stop your child from bed wetting;

1.   Feed your kids early dinner: Feeding your kids early dinner, say at about 7:00 pm gives their body the time to digest the food and water intake they may have had, which means by bedtime, most of the water in their system would have been processed by their body.

2.   Make Them Urinate before taking or sending them to bed: This is very important as it makes them empty their bladder right before they sleep. Whether they dozed off on the couch or they were seeing a movie right before bedtime doesn’t really matter. Just make sure they release all the urine in their bladder.

3.  Minimize their water intake at night: This is simply making sure that they do not take plenty of water once it is 6 to 7:00 pm every day, this will help reduce the quantity of water in their system, therefore reducing their chances of bed wetting by up to 50%. Bear in mind that the water intake here encompasses juices,          custard, pap, and the likes.

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4.  Wake them up at midnight: Regardless of the fact that they emptied their bladder before going to bed, there is still a need to wake them up after a couple of hours to urinate. This is because the body may not have completely excreted all of the water in their system, waking them up at midnight gives them another opportunity to ease themselves in the restroom, rather than on the bed.

5.  Take a lot of water: By taking a lot of water right before bedtime, you give your self a reason to wake up in the middle of the night and to wake you kid to ease him/ herself. This is usually applicable for people who are not able to help themselves with waking up at midnight. Unfortunately, this method may not be very reliable as people’s system differs. It may take Mr. A’s system 2 hours to process the water and take Mr. B 5 hours,  especially since the body is literally dormant at that time.

6.  Use a Mackintosh:  This is a waterproof material that can be used in form of a bed sheet for your child, depending on the size. This is advisable for younger children who are not yet able to communicate properly, or whose bladders are not strong enough to retain urine. Once laid, you may lay a bed sheet on it and by the next morning, you simply pull out the bed sheet and of course their pajamas for the laundry.

7.  Use a Waterproof Hypoallergenic mattress: This is a mattress with a waterproof material that covers all bed sizes. It is capable of helping out from all accidents ranging from fluids, dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold. It is also very durable. You can find the Waterproof Hypoallergenic mattress on Amazon or eBay.

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8.  Set an Alarm: If Step 4 isn’t working for you, then you may go ahead and set an alarm, say every 2 hours.   With this, you do not need to take so much water before bedtime. There are a variety of bed wetting alarms available on Amazon or eBay

9.  Minimize Stress: Trust me, it is only when you are fit that you are able to meet up with all of the above routines. If you are completely tired and stressed out from the day’s work, it will be very difficult or almost impossible for you to take care of your child’s bed wetting issue. You may try so hard to wake up only to realize your child has already bet wet and this can really be frustrating. To take charge of your daily routines, you may download some free software apps that will help guide you and put your activities in check or you may order for an ebook on stress management.

10.  Talk to your child about bed wetting: Communication is key in almost every aspect of our lives. Take time to explain the consequences of bed wetting to your child. Make your child understand that there is a need for him/ her to stop bed wetting, make them understand that they can do it. Regardless of the fact that most of them do so because they may find themselves easing themselves normally in their dreams after they may have played, try to convince them to wake up whenever they feel the pressure to urinate or whenever they see themselves about to ease themselves in their dreams.

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11.  Reward them for not Bed wetting: Package a gift or just congratulate your child after every bed wetting-  free day. By rewarding them with gifts or by making them feel they have been successful, they would want to do more and they will no longer be ashamed to talk about it.

I hope my tips are helpful. Please feel free to share your ideas, I would love to read from you. Please do not forget to subscribe, share and like my page for more!

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