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Recently, I got really worried about my daughter’s height. I had this feeling like she was not growing as she should and this made me feel really bad about myself, I felt very guilty like I failed in my responsibilities as a mother. A number of times I told people her age, I always got a reaction of surprise and she also had to deal with her mates questioning and of course doubting her age.

Even though it was not my first time of feeling that way, it was quite different this time around and I was getting really desperate in my efforts to find a permanent solution and I wished I could stretch her myself, lols. Anyways, I went online searching for foods that make kids grow taller as well as drugs that would.

I spent a few days doing this and even went ahead to see a doctor. A couple of supplements were recommended for her including Zinc, Vitamin B-Complex, C, D, A, F, Magnesium, Calcium including foods rich in proteins like eggs, beans, fish, meat and the likes. Finally I came to a conclusion after I had learned my lessons;

  1. The first is that there was no need for me to have gotten all worked up as that could have made matters worse. I got some of the vitamins recommended and because I was really anxious about her height increase, I was tempted to increase the dosage so the drug would work faster. I would recommend you take a chill pill and not panic nor get worried about what the world thinks.
  2. The fact that she had or has a case of adenoids is also a contributing factor as it causes children to lose appetite most times which in turn affect their growth. Certain health issues can contribute to the growth of your child. It ia best to see a doctor if you have concerns about your child’s health. With time and with proper diet and care, everything will change for the better.
  3. Genetics/ genes have a HUGE role to play in the life of every child. I remember doctors I complained to always asked me how I or her dad was when we were her age. You cannot be an elephant and give birth to a dog, you know right?
  4. Children grow at different paces. Some children grow fast at the early stage of their lives and slow down later while it is different for other children. Give your child the time he or she needs to grow, no pressure.
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What I learned from my experience is that what really matters is that my daughter is healthy and happy. I managed to give her some answers she should give some crazy human beings who go about using their words to intimidate her, this is to help boost her self confidence. And if you are lucky that your child is growing just right, please make them understand that those not doing so are still very normal and that God created every child differently.

On the other hand, you may speak ith their teacher, guardians or care givers to address the case of possible bullying. And if your child is being bullied already, please don’t take it lightly, address it with his or her school authorities immediately. This way, your child does not grow up feeling indimidated, timid and having a low self esteem.

Have you at any point felt that you are failing as a mum or that your child is not growing right? Why not comment below, your story can help someone. If you like this post, please feel free to share, like and comment. Cheers!

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    1. Sure, it is, therefore, our responsibility as parents to talk to their teachers or guardians to address the issue. In my case, I had to meet her teacher to address that. Thanks for your comment!

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