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25 Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries

How To Save Money On Groceries

Here are 25 easy ways to save money on groceries before you even leave the house for shopping! It’s really not a big deal, you know, it comes with no extra work, it has no extra cost, you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything and you don’t have to clip any coupons. Please check out my other posts on Managing your finances and How To Live a frugal life

How To Cut Vegetables – Water Leaves – Kitchen Hacks – BrinaCreations

July 9, 2019

Water Leaves

SEE VIDEO HERE I love to cook a lot, I also enjoy preparing my ingredients myself which I also do a lot. Since I love eating healthy, I try to make sure I prepare my vegetables in the cleanest and healthiest ways possible. SEE VIDEO HERE On a normal day, I prefer to wash my …

How To Cut Vegetables Ugu Or Pumpkin Leaves

Pumpkin Leaves

June 21, 2019

As someone who loves to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I enjoy cutting my vegetables myself for two major reasons.

How To Make Easy Tomato Paste

June 7, 2019

Tomato Paste

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Hello and welcome once again to my blog, in this video, I hope to show you how to make easy tomato paste which you can use for your stew, sauces as well as for porridge and of course jollof rice. Below is the list of items I used;