14 Common Causes Of Infertility In Women

I am happy today to be able to finally share this post as to the causes of infertility in women. I am not a medical practitioner but I know there are many more factors that can cause infertility both in men and women, other than those medically proven. I will start by sharing that of women for today;

1. Excessive use of contraceptives.

These drugs change the ways a woman’s body would naturally respond to sperm in her body. Therefore can affect her later in life when she is trying to conceive.

2. Birth control after first child.

Some doctors advice women not to use birth controls after the birth of her first child.

Normally, she should stop its use at least 6 months before trying for another baby but because people’s bodies differ, some may get back their normal hormonal balance after 3 to 6 months, others may take years

3. Rhesus Factors.

Our blood groups usually have a – or + attached to it. For instance, O+ or O-. If a woman’s rhesus is -, then there is an issue. It means that by the time she has a + man as a husband, if she does not take the injection called rhogam immediately after an abortion, miscarriage or delivery, she may have difficulties conceiving again.

This is because the man has deposited his + rhesus into her and that would keep fighting any pregnancy she may try to carry. She may still be lucky to still conceive later though

4. Diet.

A woman who is trying to conceive should try as much as possible to eat a balanced diets to enable her get as much vitamins and minerals that would help prepare her body for pregnancy.

During ovulation, the woman’s body produces a mucus that helps the sperm swim towards the egg’s location. She can take some supplements like Pregnacare conception by Vitabiotics.

5. Too much processed foods.

My dear its not eating sharwarma and pizza that makes us healthy ooo. Infact we use our money to buy sickness by doing all that in excess. We should eat more of organic fruits and vegetables. They would help heal the body and also help regulate a woman’s hormonal balance.

6. Certain Drinks.

I know some women who were always taking drinks like bitter lemon, lacasera and some other alcoholic drinks and they had issues conceiving. By the time they changed what they were doing wrong, the got pregnant and carried them full term. Some of these drinks even if unproven have the capacity to change the natural ways our bodies work and can affect fertility.

A woman trying to get pregnant and pregnant should please avoid alcohol as much as possible for her sake and that of her baby. Alcohol and some drugs can cause deformation of the feutus

7. Weight watching.

Please of you are a woman trying to conceive, kindly suspend that till after delivery okay.
Regardless of how busy you are kindly snack as much as possible and always leave something in your stomach to work with. How will your body be able to feed you and your baby when there is not enough food to feed even you?

8. Stress and hormonal imbalance.

Stress in other words is a disease because it has the capacity to change entirely everything in our body, including the status of our hormones. Please give yourself time to sleep, rest and also avoid emotional stress as well.

Pressure from family and friends on this issue is enough to even make the woman not conceive at all

9. Abortions.

This I am sure we are all familiar with but the irony of it is that one person may perform 20 and still be able to conceive, whereas someone that does only 1 may have difficulties conceiving. Prevention they say is always better than cure.

11. Fibroid.

To the best of my knowledge can be caused by wrongly doing the factors I mentioned above and also late pregnancy. It is very treatable because surgery does not guarantee anything.

In any case, it can be prevented with good diets and healthy living

11. Sexual Positions.

I believe that a lot of women trying to conceive after having sex would literally throw their legs up high to make sure that the spern gets into her uterus as far as possible. My dear, please relax and instead lye on your stomach and be calm, by the grace of God, you would smile

12. Infections.

Because women’s bodies are more hidden, she may have infections that were partly treated or not treated at all that may result to infertility in later years with issues like blockage of fallopian tubes among others. Please do yourself a favour of treating every infection properly so it does not get out of hand

13. Absence of ovulation period or miscalculation of ovulation period.

A woman has only about 12 chances of getting pregnant in a year, that is if she ovulates once every month. Other women whose menstrual cycles are about 26 to 28 days may have a bit more.

Ovulation period is the period in which a woman’s body releases egg from the falopian tube into the uterus where it awaits the sperm for fertilization. If the sperm comes too early or too late, it means the egg won’t get fertilized, then it means no pregnancy. Infections can also cause absence in ovulation in women

14. Spiritual factors.

Of course, we are all familiar with this one but with praises, giving alms, sowing into other children’s lives and if course prayers, that can be reversed. With God, all things are possible.

I will sharing with you more posts as time goes on. I got the inspiration to write about this on a school alumni group in belong to, thanks for the inspiration

Sometime later, I will also share tips on the causes of men’s infertility.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to comment, share and like my page for more posts!

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